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Bouncy Castle Hire

Rental Conditions

On consideration of the hire fee, the owner agrees to hire and the hirer agrees to rent the equipment listed below, for the period of time detailed, strictly under the rules and conditions outlined below.

Please Read These Rules And Conditions Carefully And Thoroughly.

They Are Very Important For The Safety Of The Children In Your Care.

Safety Guidelines

Equipment must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times.

Ensure the children using the equipment are:

  • not wearing any kind of footwear.

  • not in possession of, or are wearing any hard objects (jewellery, spectacles, toys etc).

  • not eating, drinking or chewing food or sweets of any description.

  • not climbing or sitting on top of the walls or rain covers.

  • not pushing or colliding with each other due to misbehaviour or overcrowding.

  • segregated into sessions with others of a similar age or size.

  • must be removed immediately if they misbehave, solely for the safety and enjoyment of the other children within the age limits specified.

Adult supervisors must be aware of the electrical or mechanical equipment at the rear of the inflatable and ensure that all children are kept clear of this area at all times.

In the event of rainfall, rain covers must be fitted as soon as possible.

In the rare event of any delivery driver being late in retuning to pick up the equipment, the hirer will be held responsible for the safe keeping of all equipment until any delays are rectified.

Weather Warning

Once the hirer has accepted and signed for the inflatable equipment, the owner cannot be held responsible for inclement weather. Good rain covers are supplied, but in the case of persistent rain over a long period of time, possibly mixed with some wind the inflatable will get wet on the inside to varying degrees. No refunds or part rebates will be given. It must also be brought to your attention that it could be dangerous to use an inflatable in persistent rain due to the slippery surface.



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